When will the new DURA-ACE R9250 Di2 and Ultegra R8150 be released?

No one knows for sure when Shimano will release or even announce their new R8150 Ultegra or R9250 DURA-ACE Di2 groupsets.

At first rumours seemed to indicate a March 2021 announcement.. which would then also nicely coincide with the company's 100th anniversary. However, Shimano announced their 100-year anniversary book instead.

Currently the most likely timeframe is somewhere around either the start of the Tour de France 2021, or the Olympics.

No matter when they announce the new groupsets, availability is going to be an issue either way. I don't expect these to be widely available until early 2022.. meeting demand has been tough and that's certainly not helped by the global pandemic.

Some things we do know

  • Communication from the shifters will be wireless. There are FCC filings that support this.
  • It will be 12 speed as seen in these BikeRadar photos.
  • Shimano will, most likely, also announce Ultegra R8150 Di2 at the same time
  • The battery used will be the BT-DN300.
  • Any wires in the system will be of the EW-SD300 type.