About the site

Updated April 15, 2022 by BetterShifting

I launched Di2Center.com in March 2019 as a pet project, allowing me to write down all the Di2 peculiarities I found as I worked on my Di2 projects. Carlton Bale's page on Di2 was the only other Di2 resource at the time. It has been a lot of fun and I have enjoyed helping out others and sending emails back and forth, learning about all your interesting a non-standard bike builds.

My own collection of Di2 hardware has grown a great amount over the years. Some of it thanks to Shimano, some thanks to the readers supporting the site. I tend to purchase Di2 components for a couple of purposes:

  • To write about on the site
  • To help people in need
  • To add new components to my own bike

Either way, most of the site support (affiliate links) goes right back into the site. It just seems right.

Move to BetterShifting.com

At the end of 2019 it became clear to me that the site was growing faster than originally anticipated. The WordPress site wasn't as fast as I would've liked so I decided to build my own. At about the same time I had some good talks with Shimano EU. The site got access to news / press releases and Shimano have been very supportive ever since. They also mentioned that Di2Center was not the most ideal name for the site. The term "Di2" is a Shimano trademark after all.

Also, every few weeks I would get emails from site users contacting me as if I were Shimano. This is when the move to BetterShifting.com started. No one forced, threathened or coerced me into moving the site - it just made sense.

Even though the name changed, the content has not. BetterShifting.com is still the #1 independent Di2 resource on the internet.

My bikes

Cinelli Veltrix Disc

As of October 2020, my main bike is an orange/blue Cinelli Veltrix Disc, built up with a full R8050 Di2 series groupset. The seatpost I'm using is the Deda Elementi Superleggero RS and the cockpit consists of a set of Easton EC70 Aero handlebars combined with the PRO Vibe stem (12mm).

Cinelli Veltrix Disc

I think skinwall tyres go great with this bike so I'm running a set of 25mm Schwalbe One tyres. The rims were laced up using Sapim CX Ray and CX Sprint spokes using Hope RS4 J-bend hubs and Duke Road Runner 30 rims.

Cube Peloton

My Cube Peloton Pro 2014 as seen in this page's header image was my very first Di2 bike. Originally the bike came with a mix of Shimano Tiagra / 105 triple components. Sometime around 2018 I got rid of the triple and converted the bike to Di2 using 6870 series components. I'm also using the BT-DN110 battery to enable Synchronized Shift and an EW-WU111 Wireless Unit. It currently has an SC-MT800 display installed, which will be removed when I'm done with it. Cube Peloton Pro Di2 bicycle

Cube Attain SL

This was originally my commuter bike, built up with a 42T Narrow-wide AbsoluteBlack chainring and a non-Di2 Ultegra RX800 rear derailleur. However, when COVID hit in March 2020 and we were all forced to work from home for a few months this bike got moved to the attic where it serves as my dedicated Zwift bike. While riding outside is great, nothing beats Zwift and my Kickr Core for quick 30-45 minute workouts between meetings. Cube attain SL Bicyle

Tools & other equipment

I do most of my shopping at Koers Cycling Company. My favourite tools are:

PRO Internal routing tool: This is great if you need to get E-tube wires through a frame or some curvy handlebars. Amazon | Wiggle

Bike trainer: Wahoo Fitness Kickr Core (2018). eBay | Wiggle

Clothing: Templeproject.cc socks, jerseys and bibs mainly. Sidi shoes.