Cookies and Privacy

Published February 8, 2024 by BetterShifting

The only cookies in use on this site are the ones set by Analytics - which has been set up as privacy-friendly as possible. This means that the BetterShifting Analytics account does not track any users not store/process any personal information, and any information that is processed, is anonymised as much as possible within the settings available in Analytics.

  • We do not share data with Google,
  • Google Data Signals collection is turned off.
  • Ads personalization is switched off for all regions.
  • Granular location and device data collection is switched off for all regions.
  • User-provided data collection is switched off.
  • None of the analytical data is shared with Google

Since BetterShifting is built and maintained in The Netherlands, an explicit cookie consent banner is not required by law (page 1, page 2, page 3).

If you choose to use the comments system (Hyvor) and have created and account and logged in, then there will be a Hyvor cookie set.


This website does not track user inputs or behaviour. The only data this website does ingest is those used in the contact form or whatsapp.

If you choose to leave an email address in the contact form, that email address is only used to reply to your email. It is not sold to other parties, and will not be used to send you emails other than those relevant to your query. Your email address and message are not stored anywhere, apart my email inbox.

Note that emails are not deleted automatically. If you'd like that, let me know. I like to be able to search through previously answered emails so that I can help others.

If you send me a message via WhatsApp, I will reply to that message, and that's it. I will not give out your phone number to anyone else, and it is not stored anywhere other than my incoming WhatsApp messages.