Junction and Wire Harness (deprecated)

Junction and Wire Harness (deprecated)

Non-series components SM-EW67-A-E

This older generation Di2 wire harness comes with two e-Tube (EW-SD50) electric wires permanently attached to it and one e-Tube port meant to connect to your Junction B (SM-JC40/41) using an additional EW-SD50 electric wire.

The wire harness also includes a battery charge indicator.

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You'll find this on older bikes only. It does not have a charge port, so it can only be used with an external battery.

The lack of a charge port also means you cannot use the SM-BCR2 charger/pc interface to update firmware. You would need the newer junctions SM-EW90 / EW-RS910 or one of the displays for that.

This junction is not compatible with the BT-DN110 internal battery or the BM-DN100 ext. battery mount.


  • Model code: SM-EW67-A-E
  • Series: Non-series components (NON)
  • Weight: 45g
  • Speeds: 10 / 11
  • Number of switches: 1 button
  • SD50 ports: 1
  • Connector: SD50 (2, for shifters)

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