EP8 Drive Unit

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As of september 2020 the EP8 series is Shimano's new flagship E-bike system. This Drive Unit (DU-EP800) provides a maximum torque of 85Nm and weighs only 2.6Kg - that is 300g less than its predecessor.

It uses the same frame mount pattern as DU-E8000 and DU-7000, meaning bike manufacturers can use the same frame design between multiple Shimano drive unit models. Also, you should be able to upgrade your DU-7000 / DU-E8000 bikes relatively easily.

The unit uses its own dedicated cranks (160mm / 165mm / 170mm / 175mm) and has a Q-factor of 177mm. It is compatible with mechanical shifting (9/10/11/12 speed systems), Di2 (11 speed) and Internal Hub Gear systems. This includes Shimano's latest NEXUS Inter-5 groupset.

It features two E-Tube ports (SD300 type) and one dedicated speed sensor port. The speed sensor cable has a fin and therefore will not fit regular E-Tube ports. It will only work in its own port.

The batteries used with this drive unit are the 630Wh batteries BT-E8016 (downtube) and BT-E8036 (internal). Another option is the smaller but lighter and faster charging 504Wh internal battery BT-E8035-L.

Riding characteristics and support levels

BOOST provides a maximum torque of 85Nm just like TRAIL. The difference between these levels is the amount of required rider input torque. The boost mode will always provide a good amount of support torque at low rider input while trail acts a bit more responsive - it'll provide more support as the rider input torque increases.

The ECO mode tops out at 30Nm, providing support and extended range.

Each of these support levels can be customised using Shimano's E-Tube Project apps for Android and iOS. The video below provides a quick glance at the customisation screen.

Details & Specifications

Model number:
2600 g
E-Tube ports:
E-Tube Port type:
EP8 E-MTB EP800 (eMTB)

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