External mount for Internal battery

External mount for Internal battery

Non-series components SM-BTC1

If you cannot place the BT-DN110 Internal Battery in your bike's frame you have two options: either use the BM-DN100 external battery mount and the SM-BTR1 battery, or use the SM-BTC1 external mount for the internal battery. In most cases using the SM-BTC1 is the better option. It has several advantages:

You can use it with both SM-BTR2 (previous internal battery) and the newer BT-DN110 battery.

The 12-speed BT-DN300 is not compatible.

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The SM-BTC1 has a low profile design and attaches to a frame's bottle cage mounts

You can use SM-BCR2 to charge the bike instead of SM-BCR1

The SM-BCR2 also lets you connect your bike to a windows computer to change settings. The external battery charger, SM-BCR1, does not.

It features 6 E-Tube ports (SD50) with a cable organizer - it functions as a Junction B. One of these ports is used to connect the battery.


  • Model code: SM-BTC1
  • Series: Non-series components (NON)
  • Weight: 30g
  • Speeds: 20g
  • SD50 ports: 6
  • Battery: SM-BTR2 / BT-DN110

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