Remote Sprint Shifter

SW-R610 - Remote Sprint Shifter image

The SW-R610 remote sprint shifter can be mounted anywhere on the drops - they allow for quick shifting the cassette while maintaining a secure grip on the handlebars.

A pair of shifters is rather light - they weigh 5.8g. The right shifter shifts down the cassette while the left one shifts up the cassette.

Note that these shifters won't function on their own. They require the use of a dedicated sprint shifter port, only found on these components:

  • ST-6870
  • ST-9070
  • ST-R8050
  • ST-R9150

DIY Sprint Shifters

Because these shifters are basically just simple switches they're popular amongst the more DIY-savy riders. People have cut them up, changed the wire lengths or even swapped them out for their own switches. A great resources on this is the thread on custom sprint shifters.

Details & Specifications

Model number:
6 g
E-Tube ports:
E-Tube Port type:
Shifting Switch
Non-series components NON (All)

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