XT Crankset (1x, 2x)

FC-M5100 - XT Crankset (1x, 2x) image

Contrary to the XTR MTB groupset, there is no triple XT Front Derailleur. Selecting an XT Crankset is therefore a bit easier. You either use a Front Derailleur and the FC-M5100-2 crankset, or you don't use a Front Derailleur. In that case you would use the FC-M5100-1 single crankset.


This crankset has a Q-factor of 178.5mm and a chain line of 48.8mm. It comes with a 36-26T chainrings. It'll work with 135 mm and 142 mm O.L.D. frames.


The single crankset has the same Q-factor of 178.5mm, but a slightly different chain line: 52mm. It is meant to be used with 135 mm, 142 mm and 148 mm O.L.D. frames.

Details & Specifications

Model number:
700 g
E-Tube Port type:
XT M8050 (MTB)

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