Y-splitter Cable

Y-splitter Cable

Non-series components EW-JC130

The Shimano EW-JC130 Y-connector cable is used to connect two shifters to a Junction box or Systems Informations Display while using only one e-Tube port. It is generally used with the EW-RS910 junction - mainly because that specific junction only has two e-Tube ports.

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The EW-JC130 comes in three different sizes to fit different handlebars and placement of Junction A EW-RS910, EW-JC200, or the EW-WU111 Wireless Unit. Refer to the images for an overview of the sizes.

Note that L1 corresponds to the Left shifter and L3 corresponds to the EW-RS910 handlebar junction.

It's optional - at a cost

Generally speaking, the Y-splitter is not a required component. You can actually connect shifters to each other and bypass the Y-splitter. This cleans up the cockpit area a bit, but it comes at the cost of decreased flexibility and the loss of 1 E-Tube port.

Di2 setup without JC130

Personally, I prefer not to use the Y-splitter for a cleaner look, but it all depends on the handlebar used and your own specific use-cases.

More information is in the EW-RS910 Junction installation guide.


  • Model code: EW-JC130
  • Series: Non-series components (NON)
  • Weight: 12g
  • Wire length: 250/350/50 (SS), 450/350/50 (SM), 550/550/50 (MM)
  • Connector: SD50 (3)

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