Di2 Cheat Sheets - what do those LEDs mean?

Updated December 17, 2023 by BetterShifting Terry

Di2 has a lot of functionality that is triggered using the bike's function button, and the LEDs next to that button report the bike's status using a series of lights and flashes. The location of these buttons and LEDs is different for 10-speed, 11-speed, and 12-speed Di2, as well as the light patterns.

If you have different generation Di2 bikes this gets really complicated, really fast.

Print the cheat cheats you need, and put them in your garage or bike shed, That way you'll never have to look up the manual ever again!

12-speed Di2 Cheat Sheet

11-speed Di2 Cheat Sheet (with Synchronized Shift)

Download these files if you have a Synchronized Shift capable bike. This is any 11-speed Di2 bike with either the BT-DN110 battery or the BM-DN100 external battery mount.

10/11-speed Di2 Cheat Sheet (without Synchronized Shift)

10-speed Di2 bikes and bikes with the SM-BTR2 internal battery or SM-BMR1/2 battery mount have slightly different timings for adjustment mode and crash reset, so I've there's a separate cheat sheet for these older bikes.

Finally, here is a zip file containing all cheat sheets.

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