My 12-speed Di2 bike is unresponsive, how to reset 12-speed Di2

In some rare occassions, 12-speed Di2 bikes can become unresponsive. The entire system stops working, charging, and won't shift.

If this has happened to your bike, you can "reset" the system and bring it back to life. Before you get started though, double-check that the bike is actually charged.

Here's how to reset a 12-speed Di2 bike:

  1. Locate the battery. This is usually in the seat post.
  2. Disconnect the middle port. Whether there is a wire or a dummy plug in here doesn't matter - unplug whatever is in that port.
  3. Wait about 15-30 seconds,
  4. Plug the wire or dummy plug back into the middle port of the battery

You should now be able to shift and charge the bike again. If that doesn't work, please contact me.

BT-DN300 middle port