New domain, new site, same Di2 content!

Updated October 10, 2020 by BetterShifting

As you may have noticed when you ended up on this page - Di2Center has moved on to! After months (evenings) of setting up the new site and moving content over I have finally switched the site over to its new, more future-proof version.

What's new?

While Di2Center was based on WordPress, the site you're on right now is 100% built by me, using Next.js, Tailwind, Strapi and a bit of Amazon Web Services (AWS). All of the site is exported to static .html files, which is exactly what you're looking at now. Feel free to send me a message for more technical details.

The new site structure will allow me to be a bit more flexible and create more useful content and tools - a build-a-bike component picker or an interactive synchronized shifting gear ratio map for example. All of this will happen over the next couple of months, the first priority was to move all the existing content over to this site. Now that this is done I can get to work on new content and features. I will also take the opportunity to slowly add more STEPS Di2 content to the site as more and more users are riding STEPS bikes nowadays.

Speaking of new content.. I recently took delivery of a Bowman Palace 3 frameset and I'll definitely write a page on how I built this bike up from scratch. Here's a picture (by Bowman):

Bowman Palace 3

Browser compatibility and help!

I tried, but this new site won't be 100% compatible with older browsers. While Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Android, iOS and Safari will render the site just fine, Internet Explorer definitely has issues on some pages. While I will make some changes for Internet Explorer, not everything will be fixed. It is time to use a better, more up to date browser - Microsoft say so too.

Still, if you spot any errors, mistakes or things that just don't work - feel free to send me a message. Alternatively, send me an email at my first name

Di2Center vs Shimano

Because I have received emails on this subject in the past I thought I'd mention this again. has not been shut down or forced to close by Shimano. In fact, they have been very helpful and supportive. The site gets sent press releases and I have access to technical information and support. Really - we're all good friends!

Still, "Di2" is a Shimano trademark so they could decide to change their mind in the future. is therefore not only more future-proof technically, but also from a legal point of view.


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