System Information Display - Junction A

System Information Display - Junction A

Alfine SC-MT800 (E-bike)

This Di2 information display is not only for use on mountain bikes or road bikes - it is also common on e-bikes.

Alternatively you can use the slightly slimmer SC-S705, but the display is arguably prettier and has more features.

Pairing the SC-MT800 - when the 'C' doesn't show

If you've been trying to pair one of these to a mobile phone you may have run into the issue of the 'C' (connection mode) not showing. Some of these units do this, depending on the firmware version. This generally isn't a problem, because they do actually go into connection mode. They just don't show it.

I have written more on this in the SC-MT800 Installation guide.


  • Model code: SC-MT800 (E-bike)
  • Series: Alfine (S7050 / S705)
  • Weight: 30g
  • Number of switches: 1 button

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