Cable Plug Tool for Di2

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Shimano's TL-EW02 Cable Plug Tool is one of those tools that you only use when building or maintaining your bike. It allows you to securely and properly connect and disconnect EW-SD50 electric wires, connecting your Di2 components to each other. Plugging in Di2 connectors correctly requires more force than you'd expect and a loose connector can cause all kinds if weird issues if you're unlucky.

When you plug in components correctly you should feel and hear a click (or 'pop').

Using the tool

Both ends of the cable plug tool are used when connecting components. One end is used almost exclusively for connecting wires in hard-to-reach places such as the front derailleur, while the other end is used whenever you've got a bit more room.

TL-EW02 vs TL-EW300

Shimano's newer electronic groups do not use EW-SD50 wires, but EW-SD300 instead. These newer wires are smaller, meaning that you cannot use the TL-EW02 to plug them in / unplug them. Instead you'll have to use the TL-EW300.

TL-EW300 Cable tool next to TL-EW02

Details & Specifications

Shimano model number:TL-EW02
Weight:5 g
E-Tube Port type:SD50
Component series:Non-series components NON (All)

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