Disc Brake Speed Sensor

EW-SS301 - Disc Brake Speed Sensor image

The EW-SS301 Disc Brake Speed Sensor is the disc version of the EP8 series speed sensor.

Instead of using a spoke magnet it uses a disc brake rotor magnet. It isn't mounted to the chainstay, but screws into the frame instead. The EW-SS300 is the chainstay mounted alternative..

Shimano have a couple of speed sensor magnet equipped rotors available:

  • RT-EM910 - 203mm / 180mm / 160mm
  • RT-EM810 - 203mm / 180mm / 160mm
  • RT-EM300 - 203mm / 180mm / 160mm (for use with resin pads only)
  • RT-EM600 - 203mm / 180mm 160mm (for narrow type brake pads only)

The sensor comes with a fixed length wire attached. You can get them in two different sizes: 760mm and 1400mm.

Details & Specifications

Shimano model number:EW-SS301
E-Tube ports:0
E-Tube Port type:SD300
Component series:EP8 E-MTB EP800 (eMTB)
Downloads:EP8 Dealer Manual (technical)

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