Chainstay Speed Sensor

EW-SS300 - Chainstay Speed Sensor image

When Shimano announced the EP8 system Shimano also introduced the EW-SS300 STEPS Chainstay Speed Sensor.

It is installed on the chainstay and utilises a spoke magnet (included) to determine the bike's speed. The distance between magnet and sensor should be 3 - 17mm. The unit comes with a special spacer in case the distance between magnet and sensor exceeds 17mm.

The EW-SS300 sensor comes with a fixed length cable attached to it. There are four lengths available, so make sure you buy the one that fits your bike frame best:

  • 340 mm
  • 540 mm
  • 760 mm
  • 1400 mm

Just like the Disc speed sensor EW-SS301, this speed sensor will only work in a dedicated speed sensor port. The connector has a fin and will not fit any regular E-Tube ports

Details & Specifications

Model number:
E-Tube ports:
E-Tube Port type:
EP8 E-MTB EP800 (eMTB)

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