TT / Bar-end satellite shifting switches

TT / Bar-end satellite shifting switches


Compatibility warning: none of the 7970 series components will work with other generation Di2 components. The plug is different and simply won't fit.

These DURA-ACE 7970 Time Trial Bar-end shifters come with electric wires attached. You plug them into the ST-7970 shift levers.

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If you're looking for an aerobar alternative that will work with current generation Di2, have a look at either the two-button SW-R671 or the DURA-ACE SW-R9160 shifting switches.


  • Model code: SW-7971
  • Series: DURA-ACE (7970)
  • Weight: 25g (per shifter)
  • Speeds: 10
  • Connector: 7970

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