Clip-on Aero Bar Satellite  Shifter (12 speed)

Clip-on Aero Bar Satellite Shifter (12 speed)


The new SW-RS801-E satellite shifter was introduced in September 2022, about a year after Shimano released Ultegra R8100 / R9200 to the world. It comes with extra long wires (740mm), letting you install satellite shifters to clip-on aero bars.

These connect to the special Satellite Shifter port, only found on the Ultegra and Dura-Ace 12-speed shift levers. This is always the bottom port. They will not work in any regular SD300 port.

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While previous satellite shifters were one unit, these newer ones consist of a shifting unit and a clamp, or band. In theory, you could actually stick the unit onto your handlebar using some strong double-sided tape,

Alternatively, slide the unit onto the band and then use the provided double-sided tape to attach it to the handlebar. You then wrap the bar tape over it to secure the shifter.


Shimano expects these units to be available September - October 2023 at the earliest.

Not for 105 Di2

Note that while these are part of the DURA-ACE R9200 series, they will work on the 12-speed Ultegra R8100 too, of course.

105 Shifters do not have extension ports, and these satellite shifters cannot be used with 105 shift levers.



  • Model code: SW-RS801-E
  • Series: DURA-ACE (R9200)
  • Weight: 8.2g per shifter
  • Speeds: 12
  • Number of switches: 1
  • Wire length: 740mm
  • Connector: SD300 satellite shifter
  • Wire shifting: Yes
  • Wireless shifting: No

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