Satellite Drops Sprint Shifter (12 speed)

SW-RS801-S - Satellite Drops Sprint Shifter (12 speed) image

The new SW-RS801-S sprint shifter was introduced when Shimano released Ultegra R8100 / R9200 to the world. It'll enable lightning-fast shifting from the drops of 12-speed Di2 bikes.

These connect to the special Satellite Shifter port found on the 12-speed shift levers. This will be either the 2nd or 3rd port from the top (basically, the bottom port is always the satellite shifter port).

While previous satellite shifters were one unit, these newer ones consist of a shifting unit and a clamp, or band. In theory, you could actually stick the unit onto your handlebar using some strong double-sided tape,

Alternatively, slide the unit onto the band and then use the provided double-sided tape to attach it to the handlebar. You then wrap the bar tape over it to more permanently secure the shifter.

These are sold as a pair, weigh 3.1g each and come with a 100mm wire.

Note that while these are part of the DURA-ACE R9200 series, they will work on the 12 speed Ultegra R8100 too, of course.

Details & Specifications

Shimano model number:SW-RS801-S
Weight:3 g
E-Tube ports:0
E-Tube Port type:None
Type:Shifting Switch
Component series:DURA-ACE R9200 (Road)
Downloads:ST-R9270 / ST-R8170 / SW-RS801 Dealer Manual

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