Internal Battery Charger / PC linkage device

Internal Battery Charger / PC linkage device

Non-series components SM-BCR2

This Shimano Battery Charger not only charges internal Di2 batteries such as the BT-DN110 and SM-BTR2, it also doubles as a PC linkage device and lets you update firmware and customise setting.

It can be very useful when restoring a non-responsive Di2 system.

You'll need the Shimano E-tube project software in order to make use of the PC linkage options.

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Common questions and issues

While using the charger isn't all that complicated, it doesn't always work flawlessly. Sometimes the bike just won't charge, will take a long time to charge or it won't connect to your windows computer. In all of these cases there is usually an easy solution.

Cannot charge the bike - no light comes on

Try to charge your bike but not being able to can be really frustrating. If no light comes on then that is usually caused by one of these:

  • The battery is fully charged
  • The charger cannot find a battery

Now.. the first one should be easy to figure out. Simply unplug the charger at the wall socket or computer, wait about 30 seconds and plug it back in. The charge indicator should now light up. It'll switch off after 15-60 seconds, once the battery charger has figured out that the battery is indeed fully charged.

The second problem can be either a wiring issue, or a broken battery. If there is no battery installed at all then no light will switch on when you plug the charger in. Not the charging LED and not the error LED either. Of course if there is a broken or disconnected wire between your Junction A (where you plug the charger in) and the battery then the charger can indeed not find a battery to charge.

In this case I recommend checking all connections. The easiest way to do this is to connect the bike to your windows computer and look at the list of components it reports are connected.

Is there anything missing? If both derailleurs and the battery are missing from the list then that means the fault is probably with either Junction A and Junction B, or the wire between them.

If only the battery is missing from the list, double check the wire connecting the battery to Junction B.

Cannot charge the bike - slowly or blinking charge light

Is your charge LED (the left one) blinking or is the bike charging really slowly? Make sure the adapter or USB port you plugged it into actually provides at least 1A. If you're using a USB port then you should use a USB 3.0 port - these are usually blue.

Using a different USB cable can also help - especially with the next issue.

Not being able to connect to your Windows computer

Yep, you can connect your Di2 bike to your Windows computer. You can use the Shimano E-Tube app to update your component firmware or tweak the behaviour to suit your riding style best.

Most often not being able to connect is caused by the USB cable. Not all USB cables transmit data, some can only be used for charging. I recommend trying a couple of different USB cables between the charger and the computer/adapter and even a different USB port if that doesn't help.

Windows drivers

In case you're having a hard time getting your SM-BCR2 to work, I've uploaded the Windows drivers to this site.

Download the zip file, extract it to your hard drive, and then simply run the file "usbinst.exe".
Note that you may have to run this file as administrator.


  • Model code: SM-BCR2
  • Series: Non-series components (NON)
  • Weight: 50g
  • Speeds: 10 / 11

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