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Updated February 17, 2022 by BetterShifting

Update August 20, 2021. A new version of E-Tube Project for Windows was released by Shimano earlier this year.

E-TUBE PROJECT for Windows version 4.0.4 changes:

  1. (1) Possibility to change the Light/accessory power terminal output settings.
  2. (2) Changed the way to display the error log under the maintenance tab.
  3. (3) New window pops up to show the progress bar while creating a service report.
  4. (4) Remaining light capacity time can be set shorter than the current setting value.

Update December 7, 2020. A new version of E-Tube Project for Windows was released by Shimano this morning.

The version overview page lists the changes for each version, but there isn't much there on the new E-Tube Project 4.0.3. The only change mentioned is the SM-BCR2 fix.

Update November 17, 2020: Shimano have added a warning to their E-Tube Project page, telling users not to use E-Tube Project 4.0.2 with the SM-BCR2. It can be found all the way at the bottom of this page: bike.shimano.com/en-EU/e-tube/project.html

SM-BCR2 can only be used with E-TUBE PROJECT Ver. 3.4.5. It has been confirmed that bicycle operations become disabled after SM-BCR2 is used with E-TUBE PROJECT Ver. 4.0.0 or later. In this case, perform the following steps to restore the bicycle to an operable state.

Original post

When Shimano released E-Tube Project version 4.0.2 earlier this month things felt pretty good. The app looked a lot better than what we were used to and home users got some new functionality - the ability to rewrite firmware to connected components.

Unfortunately it's not all good, as it seems quite a few bugs have crept into E-Tube version 4.0.2. They haven't been confirmed by Shimano yet, but I have experienced these bugs myself and have received emails from others reporting the same issues - even with different Di2 components installed.

This page will be updated as more bugs are discovered (or fixed). Unless stated otherwise, all Windows bugs apply to the latest E-Tube Project version: 4.0.2 (

Using E-Tube Project 4's disconnect button may not actually disconnect [Windows] [Fixed in version 4.0.3]

Yep, that's right. I'm sure you know about the disconnect button that E-Tube tells you to use when you start up the application. Here's the thing - it may not actually disconnect your bike. When this happens and you do not fix the situation, your Di2 battery will be fully drained the next day.

E-Tube version 4 bugs

This is what I think happens.

When you press the red disconnect button E-Tube attempts to disconnect the bike/app. E-Tube then thinks it has successfully disconnected from the bike and displays this on screen.

With the application disconnected, the bike sometimes stays connected.

It is still in connection mode.

In this mode it does not respond to any buttons presses or shift commands. It will appear dead or non-responsive until the battery runs out of charge and you recharge it. It may appear bricked, but it isn't.

There is a workaround.

Now, to figure out whether or not this happened to you is relatively simple: you try to shift the rear derailleur. If nothing happens then that's it, your bike thinks it is still connected.

You fix this by reconnecting E-Tube Project and then disconnecting again. It should work fine now. If it doesn't try again.

Alternatively, disconnect the battery, wait 30 seconds and then reconnect it again. I have never had to do this, so this is a last resort only.

SM-PCE02 battery consumption checkbox does not reset [Windows] [4.0.2, 4.0.3]

The SM-PCE02 tool allows users to check the system for any kind of battery drain. It has a battery diagnostics function that can be run in either single-unit connection mode or when connected to the entire bike.

After the battery consumption diagnostic completes you'll be sent back to the maintenance window. You'll notice that the Battery Consumption Check setting isn't enabled - it isn't coloured blue.

SM-PCE02 Battery drain checkbox bug

However, when you select any other component for error checking E-Tube Project will also run the Battery Consumption Check. The workaround is to toggle the battery consumption setting on and then off again.

Being forced to update the SM-BCR2 but unable to [Windows]

For some users the new E-Tube Project application requires an update of the SM-BCR2 charger. It will not let them use the charger to connect to the bike, but it also will not update the charger without being connected to the bike.

E-Tube Project displays the following message, but won't actually update the SM-BCR2:

SM-BCR2 recognition. The process is interrupted because the version of SM-BCR2's firmware is old. Connect to the Internet and download the latest version of the firmware.

I'd love to tell a chicken and egg joke here, but it seems E-Tube Project has done that for me.

So how do you update your SM-BCR2 charger? Easy - download E-Tube Project 3.4.5. E-Tube Project is still available for download on the Shimano E-Tube Project site and it lets you update the SM-BCR2 charger.

Once you have updated the SM-BCR2 you will be able to use E-Tube Project 4.0.2.

That mysterious battery icon

After you connect to E-Tube Project Version 4 you'll see a battery icon next to the red disconnect button.

At least you should.

E-Tube Battery Icon

For some reason this icon sometimes does not show. I'm not sure what this means, as E-Tube project does show the battery is installed and connected if you go to the update window.

E-Tube no battery icon

What I do know is that when this happens, some E-Tube features will not work as you'd expect. For example, I couldn't use E-Tube Project to micro-adjust my derailleurs when the battery icon isn't displayed.

Once again the fix was to disconnect E-Tube Project and reconnect.

Wireless Passkey / Reset your Bluetooth passkey [Windows]

Multiple readers have reported problems resetting the Wireless Passkey. I haven't been able to test this myself, but I'll do that soon. If this happens to you, keep in mind that you should still be able to reset the passkey using E-Tube Project 3.4.5.

Update October 30, 2020

Now that I have rebuilt my main bike I took the time to test changing my passkey. This is a bit of a strange one.. at first I was not able to change the passkey or any other property of the EW-WU111 at all. I even disconnected and reconnected E-Tube Project a couple of times, but it made no difference. At some point I then tried something else...

I tried a new passkey that started with a '0'.

As expected, this triggered a message stating that a passkey cannot start with a '0'. However, after this happened I could change the passkey and other properties just fine.

If you're experiencing this problem, give this a shot and please let me know how it worked out for you.

Cannot activate light functionality [E-Tube mobile]

This one was sent in by the guys over at eMax Tuning (STEPS Tuning Software). Since E-Tube Mobile 4.0.x it is no longer possible to activate light functionality using the mobile app. I haven't been able to try or confirm this as I do not have a STEPS bike, so any comments on this are much appreciated.

Android users can install an older apk to install the older mobile application. This apk isn't in the Play Store, but can be found on apkdata.com.

Any others?

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