Set up Front derailleur limits (two bolt derailleurs: 6770, 6780, 9070)

Updated October 17, 2023 by BetterShifting Terry

This guide applies to front derailleurs that have two adjustment bolts (or limit screws). All first generation 11-speed derailleurs are two-adjustment-bolt derailleurs:

Before your start, make sure you have correctly set up your front derailleur height, angle, and support bolt. Have a look at the front derailleur installation guide for information on how to do that.

Set the low adjustment bolt

These derailleurs have three bolts close to each other, so take a moment to identify the correct bolt to adjust. We’ll first set the low adjustment bolt and have colored it yellow in the image below.

FD low limit bolt

In order to set the low adjustment first shift the front derailleur to the small chainring. Then, shift the rear derailleur to the largest sprocket.

Now take your size 2 hex wrench and turn the adjustment bolt to set the clearance between the chain and the chain guide inner plate. The goal is a clearance (B–C) between 0 and 0.5 mm – but not so close to 0 that the chain rubs the chain guide

Adjust the FD low limit electronically

Set the top adjustment bolt

FD top limit bolt

The top adjustment procedure is similar to that of the low adjustment. You identify the correct bolt – colored yellow in the image above – and turn it to set the clearance.

Start by shifting the front derailleur to the largest chainring and shift the rear derailleur to the smallest sprocket. Now turn the adjustment bolt until the clearance between the chain and chain guide outer plate is between 0.5 and 1mm (this is the distance between B and C).

FD set up top limit screw

All done – electrical adjustment

You should now be done setting up limit bolts for your front derailleur. Next up is setting the electrical top limit.

Note that this section does not apply to the 6770 front derailleur - these 10-speed front derailleurs do not have an electrical adjustment setting.

Why also set the electrical top limit if you've already set the physical limit using the limit adjustment bolt? The top adjustment bolt sets the hard limit (between 0.5 and 1.0 mm) and the electrical top limit adjustment sets the final position (0 – 0.5 mm), allowing the front derailleur to overshift slighty – which is what we want.

High limit adjustment

The process for doing the high limit adjustment is relatively simple, just follow these steps.

To begin, shift the front derailleur to the large chainring and the rear derailleur to the largest sprocket.

Press and hold the button on junction A until the LED next to it lights up red. You will now enter adjustment mode. You then use the buttons on your shifter to move the front derailleur in or out - depending on the buttons you're pressing.

Use the shifter buttons to set the clearance between the chain and the chain guide inner plate to 0.0 and 0.5 mm.

When you’re done just press and hold the junction A button to leave adjustment mode.

Buttons and their direction

All done!

Note that this is not the only way to micro-adjust your front derailleur. You could also connect your bike to your Windows computer and use the e-Tube project software to adjust your derailleurs.

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