Pair Wahoo ELEMNT / Bolt / Roam and your Di2 bike

Updated April 24, 2023 by BetterShifting Terry

Did you know, that under the right circumstances, you can connect your Di2 bike to your Wahoo bike computer? You can then display the current gear on your Wahoo, change pages, see battery status, and the Wahoo will even record the gears and shifts to the .fit file it saves after each ride.

This will work for the Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt, Roam, and the original ELEMNT.

Di2 Requirements

Your bike needs to be Bluetooth / ANT capable though, and this functionality does not come standard on 10-speed and 11-speed road bikes. You need a D-fly, or wireless module, for that.

wireless unit versions

If you’re on 12-speed R8100 or R9200 Di2 then you’re all good to go - the 12-speed Di2 derailleurs come with BluetoothLE/ANT connectivity out of the box. The same goes for most Di2 mountain bikes - the SC-MT800 and SC-M9051 displays also feature wireless connectivity.

The notable exception is the SC-M9050 display. This is a display only, so no BluetoothLE/ANT connectivity.

gear information on a wahoo elemnt BOLT

Pair your Di2 and the Wahoo ELEMNT

So how do you pair your bike to your Wahoo device? Simple - through the Wahoo ELEMNT app. First, make sure your ELEMNT device and phone’s Bluetooth are switched on, then open the ELEMNT app on your phone and wait for the ELEMNT to connect.

Wahoo app home

Then tap the SENSORS area, right below your ELEMNT’s name. The ELEMNT will now automatically look for new sensors, such as your Di2 bike.

Not finding anything? Press any shift button to wake up the bike first. Di2 Bluetooth/ANT transmitters go into ‘sleep mode’ when the bike is inactive for 15-30 minutes or so, meaning that you can let the ELEMNT search all it wants, it’ll never find your bike. You’ll have to ‘wake up’ the bike first.

Pressing any shifter button, or even the junction box button, will do just that.

Wahoo Di2 app add sensor

Eventually, the bike should appear under ‘unsaved sensors’. Note that it’ll always be called "Shimano Di2" by default, but you can change that if you want.

Set up the Shimano Di2 sensor

With the Shimano Di2 sensor connected, let’s set it up. Tap the Di2 sensor to have the available settings appear at the bottom of the screen. Note that you can tap the entire row, not just the greater than (>) symbol.

Here you can rename the sensor, set up the gear ratio, and forget the sensor.

Renaming and forgetting the sensor do just that - they let you rename the sensor, and let you forget the sensor from the ELEMNT and the mobile app.

Di2 on ELEMNT gears setting

Setting up the gear ratio on your ELEMNT is more interesting. This lets you select a cassette and chainrings. Why would you do this? Well…

  • It allows the ELEMNT to show the correct gears in the ride report
  • ...and write the correct gear to the .fit file

You can choose any of the default cassettes/chainrings, or set up custom ones. In the image above I have created a crazy 11-60T cassette.

If you ever need to change these settings, you can find them again by simply tapping the ‘Sensors’ section on the ELEMNT app’s home screen.

Set up your Di2 data fields

With the Di2 ‘sensor’ all set up, let’s take a quick look at the data fields you can put on the ELEMNT’s pages.

Di2 data fields

With your ELEMNT connected, tap ‘Settings’ and then ‘Pages’ to open the customize pages screen. This is where you can set up each page. Wahoo have a guide on customising the pages here.

As you have probably seen above, you can use ‘Current Gear (Visual)’ and ‘Current Gear’.

The first will display a graph with the current front and rear gear highlighted. I tend to use this a lot, since it’s just so easy to look at the screen to see what gear you’re in.

Current Gear’ isn’t really that useful, unfortunately. It just displays the current gear index (“Gear 1”, “Gear 2”, etc..) - I’m not sure why you’d want to use that.

The ELEMNT app also has a ‘battery’ section. Note that there isn’t a 'Di2 battery’ data field - you can only display the ELEMNT’s battery or your phone’s battery.

Di2 on Wahoo

Now.. this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The ELEMNT will display a message when the battery is low. Also, if you’re wondering what the current battery charge level is, just open the Di2 sensor details on the ELEMNT device itself.

Di2 low battery

Done! Now view the stats

Your ELEMNT should now be set up and display all your Di2 gear data. Wondering about the stats? View your most recent ride report for a nice overview of when you shifted to what gear, and also your “favorite gear” for the ride.

Di2 shift stats

My Wahoo app consistently gets the favourite gear wrong, so your mileage may vary.

If you’re into more stats and graphs, give a go! I have written a page on that right here. SRAM AXS Web also works with Di2 data just fine.

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