System Information Display - Junction A

System Information Display - Junction A

XTR SC-M9051

The SC-M9051 System Information Display shows you what gear you're in, has a battery level indicator, charging port, synchronized shift mode display and also doubles as a Junction A - it has 3 e-Tube ports for you to connect components to it. The displays lets you charge the system and also connect to it using Bluetooth or ANT+.

It supports both 31.8mm and 35mm diameter handlebars.

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If you're thinking of using this display on your road bike to replace your Junction A (SM-EW90 / EW-RS910) and Wireless Unit - you can! Be aware that you can only have one component with wireless/bluetooth functionality connected. If you connect both this and a Wireless Unit the Di2 system won't function.

Functionality wise this unit is identical to its cheaper XT sibling, the SC-MT800. The casing is not, but that is the only difference.

2nd generation battery or mount required

Just like the SC-MT800 display, this SC-M9051 requires a modern battery (BT-DN110) or battery mount (BM-DN100). The display will not work with the older batteries.

Synchronized shifting on mountain bikes

If you want to use synchronized shifting on your mountain bike the usual requirements apply - you need either a BT-DN110 battery or BM-DN100 battery mount.

You will also need a System Information Display. It is not clear why exactly you need one, but I've asked Shimano and they have confirmed that a display is required for synchro shift on mountain bikes.

Pairing the SC-M9051 - when the 'C' doesn't show

If you've been trying to pair one of these displays to a mobile phone you may have run into the issue of the 'C' (connection mode) not showing. Some of these units do this, depending on the firmware version. This generally isn't a problem, because they do actually go into connection mode. They just don't show it.

I have written more on this in the SC-M9051 Installation guide.


  • Model code: SC-M9051
  • Series: XTR (M9050)
  • Weight: 30g
  • Speeds: 11
  • Number of switches: 1 button
  • SD50 ports: 3
  • Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth / ANT
  • Charging port: Yes
  • Charger: SM-BCR2

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