Run Di2 E-Tube Project on your Mac using Virtual Box

Published August 31, 2020 by BetterShifting, Last updated February 16, 2021

Every few weeks I get an email from a Mac user wanting to run E-Tube Project on their Mac. Usually they want to change some settings like Synchronized Shift or Update Firmware. Other times they just want to have a look at the software.

Unfortunately Shimano's E-Tube Project desktop software is not available for Apple Macs. While it would definitely be nice to have the software on a Mac, I don't see Shimano change this any time soon.

Fortunately Shane Miller (GPLama) published a video on how to run E-Tube Project on your Mac using in a virtual machine (VirtualBox).

Click the image above to go to the video or have a look at the rest of GPLama's Di2 playlist.

And yeah.. of course you could run E-Tube Mobile, but most users do not have a D-fly installed. So thanks, GPLama!