Di2 E-Tube Software and Tools

Published October 12, 2020 by BetterShifting, Last updated September 1, 2021

Shimano have several software tools and mobile apps available for use with Di2 bikes. This page describes what they are and what they do - and when you’d use one over the other.

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It is important to realise that, in order to use the mobile apps, your bike must have a wireless (BluetoothLE) module installed. These do not come standard on road bikes, but on mountain bikes and E-bikes these are usually included in the main junction box. Having problems with your wireless module? I've written a Di2 Wireless/BluetoothLE troubleshooting guide to help you out.

If you want to know for sure, have a look at the E-Tube Compatibility charts - all BluetoothLE capable components have a Bluetooth logo next to the model code. You can figure out what components are installed on your bike by connecting it to a Windows computer.

In 2021 Shimano launched Shimano CONNECT Lab - their power and ride analysis service meant to replace Pioneer's Cyclo-Sphere. Read about the CONNECT Lab launch if you're into analysing your ride data.

Let’s take a look at the different apps.

E-Tube Project Professional (V5)

E-Tube Project Professional

With the announcement of the new DURA-ACE R9200 and Ultegra R8100 groupsets, Shimano also launched a new E-Tube Project version. This one is called Professional.

As you might get from the name, it is meant to be used by professionals. Bike mechanics working with bikes on a daily basis. As such, it is no longer compatible with the SM-BCR2 battery charger or the older SM-PCE1.

If you'd like to use E-Tube Project at home I recommend using version 3.4.5 (more info below), or version 4.0.4 if you want something that looks a bit more modern.

E-Tube Project For Windows V4

E-Tube Project for Windows V4 Update tab

The E-Tube Project desktop software is a tool used by both bike shop mechanics and home users. You use the software by connecting your charger to the main junction box and plugging the other end into a USB port on a Windows computer or laptop.

At home you can use the E-Tube Project application to:

Most bike shops will own the SM-PCE1 or newer SM-PCE02 diagnostics tools. These can be used to perform all of the above and a couple of other functions:

Besides connecting to the bike as a whole, the PCE tools can also connect to single components.

You can download the Shimano E-Tube Project desktop app from the E-Tube Project Archive page. There is also a manual available online and that can be found here: Shimano E-Tube Project desktop manual.

Note that if you're using E-Tube Project with the SM-BCR2 battery charger then you'll probably want E-Tube Project 3.4.5 instead. Version 4 seems to work best with the SM-PCE02.

E-Tube Project For Windows 3.4.5

battery drain etube home

This is Shimano's older E-Tube Project version. It works on Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows XP. Perhaps more importantly, it also works well with the SM-BCR2 battery charger. If you are using E-Tube Project at home and you do not have the SM-PCE02, I strongly recommend using version 3.4.5 - even if it looks a bit dated.

Also, Version 3.4.5 is required to update the SM-BCR2 battery charger - E-Tube Project 4.0.4 cannot do that.

You can download E-Tube Project 3.4.5, or version 4.0.4, by visiting the E-Tube Project Archive page.

The Mobile apps: E-Tube RIDE and E-Tube Mobile

E-Tube RIDE on a bike

Note: in order to connect to the bike using a mobile app you need a wireless module. These do not come standard on Di2 road bikes.

E-Tube RIDE is Shimano’s app that turns your phone into a bike computer. It helps you plan your route, record your ride and upload it to Strava. Also, it lets you pair sensors and displays your current speed, cadence and even power (if you have compatible sensors installed).

Its main use is as a cycle computer on E-Bikes and Urban bikes, but it also connects to road bikes and mountain bikes.

E-Tube Project Mobile

E-Tube mobile home

Shimano’s other mobile app, E-Tube Mobile, is exactly what the name implies - E-Tube for mobile. It is the mobile equivalent of the desktop application and lets you:

Manuals and help

E-Tube Project mobile and E-Tube RIDE downloads

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e-tube ios