Di2 E-Tube Software and Tools

I've written several posts on Di2 software, configuring your bike and setting up shifting. The most important ones are:

Shimano Di2 Software

In order to help you set up and configure your Di2 system Shimano has made several software packages available for Android, iOS and PC. While their mobile apps require a Wireless Unit / D-Fly or a mountain bike display, anyone can connect their bike to a Windows computer using the SM-BCR2 charger.

The only exception is the SM-EW67 junction - you cannot connect your bike to a Windows computer using that junction.

e-tube shimano


e-tube android


e-tube ios

Windows PC

The Windows version of the e-Tube software supports Windows 7 and newer. An older version of the Software is available for Windows XP, but it’s heavily outdated.

Download the Windows software on the E-Tube Project download page.

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