Hydraulic Disc Brake Dual Control Lever

ST-R9170 - Hydraulic Disc Brake Dual Control Lever image

The ST-R9170 Hydraulic Disc Brake levers have two e-Tube ports each and weigh about 160g per lever.

They do not feature the dedicated sprint shifter port, so using the SW-R610 sprint shifters is not possible.

If you really want sprint shifters then the SW-R9150 sprint shifter is the alternative. These shifters are a bit bulkier than the older sprint shifters, unfortunately.

Just like the ST-9070, ST-R8050, ST-R8070, ST-R9150 and GRX levers, these ST-R9170s have a hidden button on top of the hoods.

I wrote an article on setting up the Di2 shifter hood buttons, so have a look if you haven't set yours up yet.

Details & Specifications

Shimano model number:ST-R9170
Weight:160 g
E-Tube ports:2
E-Tube Port type:SD50
Type:Shifting Lever
Component series:DURA-ACE R9150 (Road)
Downloads:DURA-ACE R9150 Dealer Manual

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