Enable the buttons on your Di2 shifter hoods

If you own a recent Road or Gravel Di2 bike you will have noticed each shifter is equipped with three buttons: the two shift buttons and an extra button on top of both shifter hoods. This is the case for Ultegra ST-R8050 / ST-R8070, DURA-ACE ST-9070, ST-R9150, ST-R9170 and GRX ST-RX815 levers.

The default function of these extra buttons is to change pages on your bicycle computer – something you cannot actually do unless you have a Wireless Unit. This effectively renders the buttons useless, but there is a way to change that. In this post I’ll help you set them up using the Windows e-Tube application or the e-Tube project mobile apps.

Using Windows e-Tube software

First, make sure you download and install Shimano’s e-tube software for windows. Then connect your bike to your computer or laptop.

etube windows home

After establishing a connection click 'Customize' and then 'Switch settings' to get started. You will then see the following screen (or similar):

etube setup buttons

In this case we have connected to a bike running the R9150 DURA-ACE derailleurs and ST-9070 shift levers. On the left-hand-side of the screen both shifters are listed with three buttons(or switches) each: switch X, switch Y and switch A. The X switch is the regular button that lets you shift to an easier gear. Switch Y lets you shift to a harder gear. The A switches are the hidden buttons on top of each shifter hood.

To change these switches from the default D-FLY functionality to something else, click either the [D-FLY Ch. 1] or [D-FLY Ch. 2] button.

etube assign switch function

Now click the box that is labeled “Gear shifting“. The select box below changes from D-Fly settings to:

  • Front Shift Down
  • Front Shift Up
  • Rear Shift Down
  • Rear Shift Up

Select the one you like and click OK. Repeat this process for the other shifter’s top switch if you like.

etube switch setting complete

Click next/set and the application will display an overview of the updated settings. Then click complete to return to the main screen and then complete setup to finalize the changes. You can now disconnect your bike and use the newly setup buttons.

etube complete setup

Using the mobile app

First make sure you have an up to date version of the Android or iOS e-Tube project app installed. Then put your bike in connection mode by pressing the button on your junction box until the red and green LEDs start flashing or 'C' appears on your MTB display. Ensure your phone or tablet’s Bluetooth is switched on and tap the bike you’d like to connect to.

The app may ask you to input a passkey. If you can’t remember the passkey you set and it’s not the default “000000”, then reset it using the Windows e-Tube software.

E-Tube mobile home

After connecting make sure you're in the 'Customize' tab and then tap any shift lever or switch to customise the buttons.

Customize the switch units

This page lets you change the assignment for each button. In this image I'm using the ST-6870 which doesn't have hood buttons, so I'll change a different button instead.

Select the switch you want to change and a winndow appears. Choose the function to assign to the button. You can do whatever you like, just make sure you can actually shift the bike.

E-Tube mobile  change buttons

Don't worry though - if you "forget" to set up rear shift buttons then the app will tell you and double check that this is really what you want.

When you're done just tap the 'Apply' button and it'll store the new settings. Don't forget to close the app using the 'disconnect' button!

E-Tube mobile  button changed

That little search icon

In case you're wondering what the search icon does at the top right - this will let you 'detect' shift units. When you tap this button it'll tell you:

Press the switch on the unit you want to select

Now simply press and hold any shift button until the message box appears. When you release the button it'll highlight the shift unit belonging to the button you just pressed.

E-Tube mobile detect button

Disconnect the app

Make sure you disconnect the app properly when you’ve done all your changes. If you do not disconnect the bike may stay in maintenance mode and will not respond to any button presses.

In order to disconnect simply tap the big 'disconnect' button on the Customize tab.

If you’ve already closed the app you can restore functionality by reconnecting to the bike and then disconnecting using the button.

Any questions, comments or problems? Send me a message!