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With the release of the semi-wireless DURA-ACE R9250 groupset, Shimano will also introduced a new battery: BT-DN300. This battery was first mentioned in FCC documents, as well as the RD-R9250 rear derailleur.

The BT-DN300 battery connects to the rest of the Di2 system using the EW-SD300 wires.

Will it be backward compatible? Probably. You would have to use the EW-AD305 adapter to connect it to older components though.

Just like the previous generation BT-DN110, the BT-DN300 is also a seatpost mounted battery.

Semi-wireless Di2

The Ultegra R8170 and DURA-ACE R9270 series are semi-wireless. Both derailleurs are connected to the battery using EW-SD300 wires, but the shifters communicate wirelessly. This battery probably has three ports, allowing you to connect wires to it without having to use any junction boxes.

Details & Specifications

Shimano model number:BT-DN300
Weight:59 g
E-Tube ports:3
E-Tube Port type:SD300
Component series:DURA-ACE R9200 (Road)
Downloads:BT-DN300 User Manual
BT-DN300 Dealer Manual

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