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Shimano Di2 manuals, documentation, and compatibility information can be a bit hard to find. While I’ve written about compatibility before, I haven’t actually explained where you can find this – and other – information.

Shimano documentation does exist and there is in fact quite a lot out there. On this page, I'll show you where you can find the documents and how you can use the different sites they have put online.

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There is a lot of information on this page so I have included these links, allowing you to skip to the section that you’re interested in.

Manuals and Technical Documents – si.shimano.com

The main resource for Shimano documentation is si.shimano.com. This is where you’ll find manuals and documents, and it also serves as a portal leading to other sites containing technical information.

Documents that you will find on si.shimano.com are:

  • User Manuals (UM)
  • Dealer Manuals (DM)
  • Service Instructions (SI)
  • Exploded View / parts breakdown (EV)
  • Quick Manuals (QM)
  • Service Manuals (SM)

I’ll discuss each type of document below, but first, let’s have a look at how you can use the site to find the information you need.

Search si.shimano.com by keyword

There are a couple of ways to search the si.shimano.com database, but the default one is to search by model number or tag. This is the first thing you see when you browse to si.shimano.com.

Documentation site home

Using the model number search is simple – if you know exactly what the model code for your specific part is. For example, if you were looking for information on the 12-speed Ultegra rear derailleur, you'd type 'RD-R8150' and click the search button.

RD-R8150 search

You can also search using partial model codes, like "R8150" and "R8170".

R8150 search

Most people will click the manual's title:

click the manual title to open the html view

Doing so will open the web version of the manual.

open the html view

Sometimes I prefer using the PDF version of the manual though. You do that by clicking the PDF icon:

Open a pdf file

PDF files will open in your browser, or a PDF file reader.

open pdf file

Search by tag / series

Another way to search the documents is by hardware series. While I personally prefer keyword search (it just works), the series search is actually pretty good.

To get to this search, scroll down a bit. You can then choose "Series", "Generation", or "Component".

Series lets you select a Di2 series - DURA-ACE, Ultegra, 105, etc. This is always the latest (or current) version of the series.

If you want to be a bit more specific, choose "Generation". You can then choose from a list of Shimano series codes: 6870, R8050, 5800, etc.

Component allows you to choose the component type you're looking for: "bottom bracket", "Shift lever", etc. This is the least useful of the three.

Search by tag

In this example, I'll use the series method to find everything on "Dura-Ace Di2" and "105 Di2".

Search by tag Dura-Ace and 105 Di2

Click Search, and it'll list all the files it found. Dealer Manuals first.

Search by tag results

Using the search results page

Besides the main page, you can also go to the search results page directly. To do so, go to the menu and then select "Search".

Go to the search screen

The search results page lists all the manuals that have been uploaded to the site (6081 at the time of writing).

Now let's use the filter on the left to narrow that down a bit. I'll check the Document Type EV, and the Series DURA-ACE Di2 boxes.

Dura-Ace exploded views

If you know what you're looking for, this list is probably great. However, if you don't know the difference between ST-R9250 and ST-R9270, then it's not all that great.

Checking the "Show tags" box at the top makes things slightly better.

Exploded Views and tags

See, this just added "Hydraulic" to the R9270 lever, and just "Brake Lever" to the R9250 one!

Text search in manuals

While you're on the search results page, try the Full text search in manual. This will search the found manuals for any text you like, and then highlight that in the search results.

Search in results by keyword

Update information

Shimano updates the documentation site continuously, not a month goes by without them uploading new or updated files. Looking at the updates can give some insight into what they are working on.

You can see the full list of Shimano documentation changes by opening the “Update Information” page. Use the menu at the top and go to "Manuals > Update Information", or just browse to si.shimano.com/manual/update-info.

Update Information

Portal to other sites

Remember when I wrote that si.shimano.com also serves as a portal to other documentation sites? These too can be found in the top menu.

Technical documents

These buttons link to the relevant sections on productinfo.shimano.com. You can also use the “All Technical Documents” button in the menu to end up at the "Shimano Product Information" site root.

Product Info home

Shimano Technical Product Information

On the productinfo.shimano.com pages you will find Line-up charts, specifications and compatibility charts for all current components. You can look up the same information for older generation hardware using the archive link at the top of the page.

The archive goes all the way back to 2004, but the first (road) Di2 entry can be found in the 2009-2010 line up chart: Dura-Ace 7970 Di2.

Line-up charts

The line-up charts and the compatibility charts are very similar, but there is a subtle difference. The line-up charts indicate the recommended products for each category. This means that if a combination of hardware is not in the line-up charts that does not necessarily mean it will not work.

You use the line-up charts by first choosing the type (“Road”, “MTB”, Gravel”) and then the series. For example, selecting Road > SHIMANO ULTEGRA R8050 will show you the following line-up chart.

Shimano documentation - line up chart

When you click a component model number, like ST-R8050, you’ll see a window with its specifications. From there you can also click to go to the compatibility pages related to the component.

Specification Handbook

The Specification Handbook works just like the Line-up chart. You select the type of riding and then the component type: derailleur, shifting/brake lever, front chainwheel, hub, etc.

The site will then list all specifications for all components that match your selection.

Shimano documentation - specifications

Once again, if you click a component model number you’ll see a window with all its specifications, an image and links to the relevant compatibility and line-up pages.

Compatibility Information

All Shimano information on compatibility is located on these pages. Not only do they contain the e-Tube compatibility charts, they also allow you to look up compatibility by system.

For example, if you want to know more about disc brake compatibility just click one of the links under “Disc Brake”. Want to learn what crank set will work with your GRX front derailleur? Then click “Front drivetrain compatibility”. As you can see in the image below, if you use an FD-RX810 or FD-RX815 you should use either the FC-RX810-2 or the FC-RX600-11. However, on 1X system you would use the FX-RX810-1 or the FC-RX600-1.

Shimano documentation - compatibility

Clicking a component's model number will display a window with its specifications – in the case of FC-RX810-11 complete with chain line information – and a link to the line-up chart.

E-Tube project The Shimano E-Tube Project website contains a lot of information useful to Di2 users. Some of the most important pages are:

Unfortunately, there is not that much information on the mobile app itself, so if you’re lost using the mobile app just send me a message and we’ll help you the best I can.

Need more documentation?

That’s it – now have access to all of Shimano’s public information. Need more information or help? Is there something you think this page is lacking? Just send me a message and I’ll get right on it!

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