Di2 Bike Building

Updated April 5, 2023 by BetterShifting

Building a Di2 bike isn't all that hard, but every little bit helps. Over the years I've written several posts on Di2 bike building as well as little tips, tricks and installation guides. If you're missing anything however, just send me a message.

Di2 Components

Whether you're building a road bike, MTB, gravel bike or tandem doesn't really matter - they all require the same base components: a battery, electric wires, and a derailleur. If you're building an 11-speed Di2 bike, you'll also need a Junction A, and probably a Junction B as well.

There is a full overview of all Di2 Road / MTB / Gravel Components on the site, as well as a list of E-bike / Urban Di2 Components.

The most commonly used components are:

For a list of all known Di2 Components, have a look at the component overview page.

Installing components on your bike

To help you choose and install your Di2 parts I've written these pages:

Other pages

Although not directly related to building your own bike, these pages are good to read.