Shimano update E-Tube for Windows to version 4.0.2

Updated February 19, 2021 by BetterShifting

Shimano have just put version 4 of their Windows E-Tube Project software online. This was originally meant to be released September 1st, but for some reason it was delayed until today.

E-Tube for Wnidows

Download the new version

If you've started the old E-Tube Project hoping that it would automatically update to the new version.. sorry - it doesn't. The new app has been built from the ground up and the only thing the new and old versions have in common is the E-Tube Project name. To get it you simply go to the E-Tube Project website and click the Download button.

What's new?

Well... quite a lot! The most obvious change is the user interface. The application now looks a lot more modern and brings the look and feel in line with that of the mobile app. Besides that, you no longer have to select a bike type when connecting to your bike. This is great, because it caused some confusion in the past and certain functions were enabled/disabled depending on the bike type.

Shimano have also updated the E-Tube Di2 Compatibility Charts.

E-Tube for Windows CONNECT

There are four different tabs and four clickable icons at the top right. Also, a disconnect button in the top-left corner. Apparently the app can also re-write firmware to components, even if you do not have the SM-PCE1 / SM-PCE02. However, in my case rewriting the firmware failed, so use at your own risk. Don't just press the button because E-Tube asks you to.

Site updates

Yep - I will have to update a lot of pages on the site. Some will be outdated and require more than just new images. I started doing this last night, but I think it'll take me a few more evenings before I'm done. This was a nice opportunity to update the E-Tube Software and Tools page, so head there if you want to read more.


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