PC Linkage Device

PC Linkage Device

Non-series components SM-PCE02

The PC Linkage Device SM-PCE02 can be used to update firmware and customise your Di2 settings. It can also help troubleshoot problems and restore a non-responsive Di2 system, and is the only diagnostics tool that can connect to 12-speed road/gravel bikes.

There are multiple versions of this tool, so be aware of that when buying one. Older versions come with an SD50 link cable only, while newer ones will also connect to SD300 (12-speed) bikes without the use of the EW-AD305 adapter.

Shimano has developed an SD300 type setting cable intended to be used with the PCE02. It has more durable plugs and won't wear as fast as regular SD300 wires. However, the setting cable should not be used in an actual bike - it is just for setting up / updating bikes.

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