Power Meter Crankset

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The DURA-ACE FC-R9100-P Dual Sided power meter crankset is Shimano's very first Power Meter.

It comes with a battery integrated and the left and right side of the power meter are connected using a wire that runs through the Hollowtech II spindle,

The claimed battery life is 300 hours of ride time and its stated accuracy is about 2%. As of February 2019 it supports both BluetoothLE and ANT.

Unlike most power meters nowadays it uses a magnet to determine your cadence. The magnet itself sticks onto the frame using an adhesive cover, of which you get two with the power meter - black and white.

Is your bike orange, green, pink or any colour other than black or white? Then you'll probably want to paint the power meter magnet cover to make it less obvious.

Installation and charging

Have you just bought one of these, or did your new bike come with one? For installation help, have a look at the FC-R9100-P Installation Guide.

Eventually you'll want to charge the power meter. How to do this isn't immediately clear, but it's not that hard. You first locate the indent on the control unit (the plastic bit with the button on it).

How to charge the power meter

You then connect the charger to the unit and plug the other end into either a USB port or adapter. This is what Shimano say regarding the adapter:

Use an AC adapter with a USB port with a voltage of 5.0 V DC and with a current equal to or higher than 0.5 A DC

Connect to the power meter using the mobile app

The E-Tube mobile app can be used to update the power meter firmware, or just check its settings.

  • Start the E-Tube Mobile app and listen or search for new devices
  • Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone or tablet
  • Press the button on the Power Meter
  • The power meter can now be detected by E-Tube mobile
  • When E-Tube Project asks for a passkey, use 000000 (six zeroes)

Reset the passkey

When you connect to the power meter using the E-Tube mobile app you'll have to input a passkey. Just like with the Wireless Unit, this passkey can be changed. If your passkey has been changed and you cannot connect using the mobile app then don't worry - there is a way to reset the passkey.

This is how it works.

  • Take your charger and connect it to the Power meter
  • Start charging
  • Press and hold the button until the LED flashes blue
  • The passkey and BluetoothLE name will now be reset to 000000 (six zeroes) and "FCR9100P"


If you're looking for a review on the FC-R9100-P power meter then you've probably already found DC Rainmaker's page on the unit. It covers just about everything, from installation to firmware update and an extensive power data / accuracy analysis.

If you're more into video content, have a look at the video below by GPLama.

I also recommend reading GPLama's more critical page on the FC-R9100-P power meter, highlighting some of the known issues with its design.

Details & Specifications

Model number:
695 g
E-Tube ports:
E-Tube Port type:
DURA-ACE R9150 (Road)

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