Unpair 12-speed Wireless Di2 Shifters

Updated May 22, 2024 by BetterShifting Terry

Most users will only ever pair 12-speed wireless shifters, and will never have to unpair their shifters.

It’s good to know how to unpair wireless di2 shifters though, and the process isn’t immediately obvious.

When to unpair shifters

If you ever have to replace a shifter, I recommend unpairing the old one. Since there is a maximum of four wireless shifters, you don’t necessarily have to… but the E-Tube Cyclist app will always show all paired shifters in the app.

It makes sense to keep that list as clean as possible.

Also, I have received messages from users whose shifters stopped working after firmware updates. In all of these cases, unpairing and then re-pairing the wireless shifters was the fix.

Unpairing 12-speed Shifters

There are two methods to unpair wireless Di2 shift levers: using E-Tube Project for Windows and using the E-Tube Cyclist mobile app.

The Windows E-Tube Project only works with the SM-PCE02, so most home users will be using the mobile app. I’ll explain that method first, and then briefly show how to unpair shifters using the SM-PCE02.

Use E-Tube Cyclist to unpair shifters

If you haven’t already, download and install E-Tube Cyclist. Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is enabled, and start E-Tube Cyclist.

Next press and hold the button on the rear derailleur for 0.5-2 seconds to put the bike in Bluetooth Connection Mode. The LED will flash blue.

Unpair Wireless Shifters: function button

The bike should now appear in E-Tube Cyclist. If you’ve connected to it before, simply tap the bike to connect to it.

If you haven’t connected to this bike before, you can register this as a new bike and store its information for later connections.

In this case, I’m connecting to the BetterShifting.com bike.

Unpair Wireless Shifters: connect to the bike

After connecting to the bike, open the Customize tab.

Unpairing a shifter is done through the Add wireless switch screen.

Unpair Wireless Shifters: Add wireless switch

The next screen shows all currently paired shifters. There are four slots, indicating that you can pair up to four wireless shifters.

To unpair a shifter, tap the blue circle. E-Tube Cyclist will ask you whether or not you want to unpair the switch, and then remove it from the list.

Unpair Wireless Shifters: unpair a switch

I unpaired all shifters and then used that red disconnect button to disconnect the bike.

Unpair Wireless Shifters: unpaired all shifters

Remember to always disconnect when you’re done. If you don’t, the bike stays in Bluetooth connection mode.

Unpair shifters using E-Tube Project for Windows

If you’re lucky enough to have access to the SM-PCE02, you can use that and E-Tube Project Professional to unpair wireless shifters. Note that you’ll need an SD300 type link cable for the SM-PCE02, or the EW-AD305 adapter.

Connect the PCE02 to your computer or laptop, and connect the other end to a spare port on the battery or plug it into the rear derailleur directly.

Then start E-Tube Project and connect to the bike.

Like before, you’ll need the Customize screen to unpair shifters. Simply open the page, and select the add wireless switch option on the left.

You can then easily unpair shifters by clicking the Delete button.

Unpair Wireless Shifters: E-Tube Project

All done

That’s it! Easy, right? Questions, comments? Leave a message below, or send me an email.

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