E-Tube Setting cable

E-Tube Setting cable

Non-series components EW-SD300 Setting cable

Relatively new is the EW-SD300 type Setting cable.

It is essentially a regular SD300 cable but with sturdier plugs, designed to withstand being plugged in and unplugged more often than regular SD300 cables.

This 2050mm long SD300 electric wire is longer than any of the regular SD300 electric wires, and you may think it's a good candidate to use between shift lever and battery. However, do so at your own risk.

Note that according to Shimano documents, the setting cable should not be used on actual bikes:

The setting cable has a more durable plug than regular electric wires, but it is not as waterproof or retentive. Using it for the wiring of the bicycle may cause problems.

There is no model code for the setting cable, but it does have a part number: Y79M9802T.


  • Model code: EW-SD300 Setting cable
  • Series: Non-series components (NON)
  • Weight: 12g
  • Speeds: 11, 12
  • Wire length: 2050mm
  • Connector: SD300

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