Set up synchronized shifting using Di2 E-Tube mobile apps

If you own the Di2 Wireless Unit (EW-WU111) or a mountain bike with the XT or XTR Information Display then you have no doubt played around with the Android or the iOS e-Tube project app. Most of the it is self-explanatory, but setting up synchronized shifting is not so straight forward.

In this post I'll explain how it works. Are you not quite sure what synchronized shifting is? Read our synchronized shifting explained post first.

Start the app and connect

Once you’ve downloaded the app put your bike in connection mode by pressing the button on your junction box until the red and green LEDs start flashing alternately. Make sure your phone/tablet’s Bluetooth is switched on and tap the device you’d like to connect to.

You may have to enter a passkey. If you can’t remember the passkey you set and it’s not the default “000000”, then reset it using the Windows e-Tube software.

customise synchro mobile app home

Shift mode

After starting the app let’s set up Synchronized Shifting. Tap the Customize button and then choose Shift mode. Now the app will ask you to select the number of teeth for your Front Chainrings (FC) and Cassette (CS). Note that it will only list the cassette ranges that exist in the Ultegra and DURA-ACE series. It won’t list any 105 cassettes for example. Is your cassette not listed? Then choose the one that is the closest match.

You can also choose a Synchronized Shift Interval – I recommend you use the normal (default) setting..

Have you set chosen the correct chainrings, cassette and shift interval? Then tap the check button at the bottom right and get ready for the most confusing part of this process:

customise synchro drag and drop

Naming things

Not only is there a lot on the screen, there’s also a lot of things moving. This may be confusing, but let’s take a moment to read what it says and decipher what Shimano are trying to tell us.

To use the settings file on your device to overwrite your bike’s settings, drag the file to the slot (S1 or S2) you wish to overwrite.

What does that mean, really? Let’s start from the top.

S1 and S2 correspond to your bike’s Shifting mode 1 and Shifting mode 2. By default S1 is set up as semi-synchronized shift and S2 is set to (full) Synchronized shifting. The two boxes at the top (labelled S1 and S2) show you what the current settings for these shift modes are, as stored on your bike.

The other boxes on the screen are slots you can use to store shift settings in your phone or tablet’s memory. You can use this functionality to set up a couple of presets so that you can quickly change settings on the bike. You can name these presets and I suggest you do – it makes reading the screen and identifying presets a lot easier.

customise synchro presets screen

Let’s make new presets

Let’s set up a new preset. Tap the first empty slot (+) you see, or tap an existing preset to create a new preset in its place. The app will now ask you what shift mode you would like to set up; either Synchronized shift or Semi-Synchronized shift. Choose Synchronized Shift.

customise synchro customise screen

Next you’ll see the Synchronized Shifting settings screen. This is where you set when the system shifts the front derailleur. Tap the green “Up” button and you can change when it changes as you shift to a harder gear (shifting up). Just drag and drop either of the green boxes to change their positions. Now tap the blue “Down” button to change the downshifting (easier gear) settings. The process is identical to that of the e-Tube windows application, so have a look at our post on that to fully understand how to customize synchronized shifting settings.

Once you’re satisfied with your settings tap the button at the bottom right of the screen to save your settings. The app may ask something like “The current bike settings/preset will be lost Continue?” Confirm that you indeed want to store a new setting and input a name for the new setting. Call it “full synchro” or whatever name you think suits best.

You can now set more presets as you see fit. Tap the (+) on an empty slot or either a preset or S1 or S2 to set up a new preset in its place. Note that if you tap S1/S2 you’ll change the setting stored on your bike instead of creating a new preset.

Drag and drop

That screen you saw when you first entered the Shift mode settings screen mentioned dragging and dropping, so let’s give that a go. Provided you have set up your S1 and S2 shift modes and a couple of presets your screen will look something like this:

customise synchro screen with presets

  • Drag S1 or S2 to one of the presets boxes below to overwrite the preset with the settings you dragged onto it
  • Drag any preset to S1 or S2 to store those preset’s settings in the selected shift mode. (example: dragging “full synchro” to S1 will store the “full synchro” settings in S1. Mode S2 is unchanged, so S1 is now “full synchro” and S2 is “full synchro default”)

All of the presets are specific to the chainring, cassette and shifting interval configuration you chose when you first entered the shift mode screen. This means that if you close this screen and then open it again with a different shifting interval it will display a red (!) icon next to your presets indicating that it is not compatible with the selected configuration.

customise synchro incompatible preset

That’s it!

So there you go – that’s how this screen works. While the screenshots in this post are from the Android phone version of the app, the screens are similar for iOS devices. If any part of setting up synchronized shifting using the apps is unclear or needs more explaining please don’t hesitate to contact me!