Change your Di2 Wireless Passkey using the E-Tube mobile 4.0 or Windows PC

Updated February 10, 2024 by BetterShifting

The Di2 Wireless unit and MT800/M9051 displays are great – they both allow the user to connect to the Di2 system wirelessly using Bluetooth LE to view all kinds of data. They will also let you set up synchro-shift using your mobile apps (provided you’ve got the synchro-enabled batteries).

In order to connect to these units using your mobile phone you will need to press-and-hold the junction box button for about 2 seconds and then enter a passkey in the app.

The default passkey is “000000”, but as Shane Miller/GPLama pointed out in this video, it is a good idea to change this – just like you would change the default password on your router or any other things-you-want-to-keep-secure. This is how it’s done.

E-Tube Project Mobile App

Using the mobile app to update firmware used to be a bit tricky.. the app was prone to crashes and used to "brick" bikes. However, it has gotten much better when Shimano updated it September 1st 2020. Let's have a look at how to change your passkey using E-Tube Project 4.0.

Download either one of the Android or iPhone mobile/tablet apps, make sure Bluetooth is enabled and start the app.

Change wireless passkey Bike overview

  • Start up the app and log in if you haven't already. You should now see your bike profiles
  • Hold the button on your junction box for about 2 seconds and let go. If you're using a display it'll now show 'C' and the LEDs on regular road junctions should flash red and green.
  • Your Wireless unit, display, or rear derailleur will now accept Bluetooth connections
  • Once the app detects your device ("Searching" changes to "Detected"), tap the bike profile to continue.

Once you have established a connection you'll see the list of components installed on the bike. Scroll down to find your Wireless device (EW-WU111 / EW-WU101 / SC-MT800 / SC-M9051, or a 12-speed Di2 rear derailleur).

This is where you can change the name of your device and change the passkey. Near the end of the page, you'll find the 'Change' button. Simply tap that and enter your new passkey.

Change wireless passkey

If you're happy with the configuration all you need to do is tap the 'Apply' button and the bottom and the settings will be saved to the file. Want to restore the default settings? Then tap the icon at the top right.

Change wireless passkey Featured Changed passkey

When you're done in the mobile app don't forget to 'disconnect' the app by using the button on the main screen. If you don't, the bike will remain connected and not respond to shifts.

Windows computer

The process is similar to that of the mobile apps. Make sure you have the e-Tube software downloaded and installed and connect your bike to your computer or laptop.

Note that you can not connect 12-speed bikes to a windows computer without the SM-PCE02. If you need to do this, it is usually best to ask a local bike shop for help - it is an expensive device.

After connecting, make sure the Customize tab is open and on the left hand side scroll down to find your wireless (BluetoothLE/ANT) device. This can be an EW-WU111, EW-WU101, SC-MT800, SC-M9051 or one of the E-Bike displays.

Select the bluetooth capable device

In the image above I have selected the SC-MT800. Now, there are a couple of things you can change like the display timeout or whether or not the beeps are switched on. Further down the page you'll find the Passkey settings:

Passkey / Wireless settings

To change the passkey, enter a new key twice. You can also reset the passkey to its initial value (000000) by checking the “PassKey initialization” box.

Close up of the passkey fields

When you're done with your settings be sure to click the Apply button at the bottom left of the window. If you try to navigate away from this page without applying the settings it'll ask you to do so anyway.

You can now click disconnect and then finally close E-Tube Project. Your passkey has now been changed.

To wrap this up properly, here's a video of me resetting the passkey using E-Tube Project V5/Professional, V4.0.4, and V3.4.5.

Connection failed? App spins and gives up?

In some cases, the mobile app won't even ask you for a wireless passkey. It will just try to connect, show the 'spinner' and then give up eventually. Almost every time this can be fixed by going to your phone's Bluetooth device list and forgetting the EW-WU111. Then relaunch the mobile app and try again.

Still not having any luck? Just send me an email!


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