Disc Brake Dual Control Lever (Wireless)

Disc Brake Dual Control Lever (Wireless)

Ultegra ST-R8170

Just like the previous generation R8070 Ultegra dual control levers, these have 'hidden' buttons on top of the shifter hoods. You can set these up any way you like and I wrote an article on just that: setting up the Di2 shifter hood buttons.

Wireless and wired

While these shift levers support the new wireless Di2 shifting, you can also choose to connect it using EW-SD300 wires. Doing so will improve battery life by approximately 50%.

These shift levers have one SD300 port and one satellite shifter (SW-RS801-T / SW-RS801-S / SW-RS801-E) port.

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Updating wireless levers

While you can customise these levers and change button assignments using the mobile app, you cannot easily update them. The levers need to be wired to the rest of the system in order to enable updating via the mobile app.

I have written a guide on updating 12-speed wireless dual control levers. Read that if you're stuck updating your levers, or simply send me a message.

If video is more your thing, watch Rides of Japan update his levers below:


  • Model code: ST-R8170
  • Series: Ultegra (R8100)
  • Weight: 195g (per lever)
  • Speeds: 12
  • Number of switches: 3
  • SD300 ports: 1
  • Satellite Shifter ports: 1
  • Battery: CR1632 (1 per lever)
  • Wire shifting: Yes
  • Wireless shifting: Yes
  • Servo wave: Yes
  • Free stroke adjust: Yes
  • Reach adjust: Yes
  • Brake type: Disc

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