How do I update my wireless R9270 / R8170 / R7170 levers?

If you've tried to update your new 12-speed (wireless) ST-R9270, ST-R8170 or ST-R7170 levers using the mobile app, you might've noticed that you can't. At least not easily.

These levers may be wireless, but they need to be wired to the rest of the system in order to allow firmware update via the mobile app (E-Tube Cyclist). If you do not wire them to the rest of the bike, updating over BluetoothLE/ANT is out.

The mobile app communicates with the Di2 system through the rear derailleur, and it cannot connect to the levers directly. Furthermore, it seems the levers are only capable of receiving a limited set of signals or instructions.. and updating firmware is not part of that.

I have written a guide on updating the firmware on these levers, you can find that right here:

Update your 12-speed hydraulic (wireless) Di2 shift levers.

SM-PCE02 users - no problem

If you own the SM-PCE02, then there is nothing to worry about. You can just connect the SM-PCE02 to the shift lever you'd like to update and update them one at a time. You do need the EW-AD305 adapter though.

This process is also described in the update guide.