Check Di2 shifter battery level and replace it

Published January 4, 2022 by BetterShifting, Last updated August 6, 2022

Twelve-speed hydraulic Di2 shift levers can be set up to shift wirelessly. These shift levers are powered by coin cell batteries - one CR1632 per lever.

You’ll need to replace these batteries after about two years.

On this page, I’ll show you how to check the battery charge level of your Di2 shift levers, and how to replace the coin cell battery.

This guide is written for the DURA-ACE R9200 (ST-R9270) and Ultegra R8100 (ST-R8170) levers, and will be updated for future wireless Di2 shift levers as they are released.

Check the battery charge level

There are two ways to check the shifter’s battery level - the first is using the E-Tube Cyclist mobile app, and the other method involves pressing buttons on the shifters itself.

My favourite method is to use the buttons on the shift lever itself, so I’ll show that first.

Check shift lever battery on the lever itself

This method is by far the quickest and easiest, and it lets you check the battery level on a Di2 wireless shift lever in under a second.

How? Well, you simply press both shift buttons at the same time for about 0.5 seconds.

The LED on the shift lever will switch on, indicating the battery level:

Shift lever charge indicator

  • Green: 11% to 100% battery
  • Red: 1% to 10% battery level
  • No LED: 0%

If it’s green, you’re all good.

However, if your shifter LED turns red, you have about a month to go before it’ll go completely flat - buy a new CR1632 and replace that battery as soon as possible.

Check shift lever battery using E-Tube Cyclist

If you haven’t downloaded E-Tube Cyclist yet, make sure you do so. 12-speed Di2 systems come with BluetoothLE/ANT connectivity out of the box, so there is no reason not to have the app.

The app is available for both Android and iOS, and I’ve put links to the app on my Tools & Software page.

To connect to the bike, press-and-hold the button on the rear derailleur for 0.5 - 2 seconds. The LED will flash blue, indicating the bike is ready to connect over BluetoothLE.

Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone, start E-Tube Cyclist, and connect to the bike.

After connecting successfully, open the maintenance tab. This is where you’ll see your shifters and their battery level, as well as the main battery - BT-DN300.

Check lever battery level

Chances are though, that your shift levers don’t immediately show their battery level. Instead, you’ll see a dash (-).

To check the battery status for your levers, tap that ‘refresh’ icon - see the red arrow above.

Check both lever battery status in mobile app

E-Tube Cyclist will ask you to press any of the buttons on your left lever, to ‘wake up’ the shift lever. Next, it’ll prompt you to press a button on the right lever.

That’s it! You will now see the battery charge level indicated by either a green or a red circle.

  • Green: 11% to 100% battery6
  • Red: 1% to 10%

If the circle is red, indicating a low battery level, replace yours within a month.

Replace your ST-R9270 / ST-R8170 shift lever battery

The hydraulic shifters have wireless functionality, and this works on a CR 1632 battery. Replacing this battery is an easy affair, and takes about two minutes.

There’s a guide showing you how to replace the battery below, but if video is more your thing, I’ve uploaded one to YouTube and embedded it here:

The battery is stored in the shifter hood, so pull back the lever cover to get to it:

12-speed shift with the hood pulled back

Right at the top, you see the battery door (also: battery holder) - being held in place by that little screw. Take your screwdriver (flat, 0.8 x 4) and loosen the screw.

You can leave it in the battery holder if you like, but I prefer to take it all the way out and place it somewhere safe - that way you can’t lose it.

Loosen Di2 shift lever battery door screw

Open the battery holder, and you’ll see the battery right here:

Shifter battery with door open

It doesn’t come out that easily - it is secured by a little spring and just pulling it out won’t do.

Instead, you push down on the battery, and then slide it out. Sometimes the smooth top of the battery won’t give you enough friction to pull it out. Shimano advises against using pliers or other metal tools to force the battery out, as this could cause a short and possibly electronic malfunctions.

What you can do though, is take a bit of tape, and stick it to the top of the battery. You then push down and pull it out at the same time.

Shifter battery holder

According to the dealer manual, you should now inspect the (grey) seal for damage and dirt. Unless you’re riding your bike in horrendous conditions though, I don’t think you have to worry about that.

To install the new battery, you insert it into the battery holder with the positive (+) side up, and then gently close the battery holder. That’s it.

Replace shifter battery

Tighten the screw, and wiggle the hood cover back into place.

Note that the screw should be tight, but not too tight. Its job is just to keep the battery holder/door closed, and that’s all. You do not want to strip the threads on your expensive shift lever.

Once the battery has been installed you can immediately get back to riding. There is no need to re-pair the levers.

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