Shimano Abbreviations, Terms, and Codes

Ever wonder what the Shimano model codes and abbreviations mean? The most common ones are listed on this page.

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BCC Battery Charging Cord/Cable

The SM-BCC type chargers are essentially just power cord, most often used with e-bikes.

Example uses: SM-BCC1, SM-BCC16

BCR Battery Charger

Shimano's SM-BCR1 is the charger used with the external Di2 battery, SM-BTR1.

The SM-BCR2 charger was used with the 11-speed internal batteries.

Example uses: SM-BCR1, SM-BCR2

BH Brake Hose

Hydraulic disc brake hoses.

Example uses: SM-BH90, SM-BH59

BL Brake Lever

Example uses: BL-MT400

BM Battery Mount

(external) battery mounts.

BR Brake Caliper

Example uses: BR-R785, BR-R8170, BR-MT200

BT Battery

Both BTR and BT are used for batteries.

Example uses: BT-DN110, BT-DN300

BTC Battery Case

The SM-BTC1 was a rather bulky case for the internal Di2 batteries.

Example uses: SM-BTC1

CD Chain Device

A Chain Device refers to a chain guard or chain keeper, designed to help keep the chain on the chainring on 1x bikes.

Example uses: SM-CD800, SM-CD50

CG Chain Guard

Chain guards help to prevent your clothing getting caught between chain and chainring. They are usually found on urban/trekking cranksets.

Example uses: FC-R3000-CG

CL Center Lock

Center Lock disc rotors.

Example uses: RT-CL800, RT-CL900

CL Clincher

CL refers to clincher tires.

Clinchers have an open casing that houses a separate inner tube, and they're held on the wheel by the rim bead hooks.

Example uses: WH-MT501-CL

CN Chain

Example uses: CN-M8100, CN-M9100, CN-HG701

CRG Cargo

Used with e-bikes and e-bike drive units designed for use with cargo bikes.

Example uses: DU-EP801-CRG

CS Cassette

A cassette refers to a group of sprockets.

105, Ultegra, and Dura-Ace cassettes

Example uses: CS-R8101, CS-HG701

DC Drive (unit) Cover

Cover for e-bike drive units.

Example uses: DC-EP800-g, DC-EP800-a

DU Drive Unit

An e-bike drive unit is the motor - the component that provides the pedal assist.

Example uses: DU-EP801, DU-EP600, DU-EP800

EW Electric Wire

Electric wires are used on almost all of Shimano's Di2 bikes.

EWC Electric Wire Cover

Cover for Di2 electric wires. Allows you to stick Di2 electric wires to the frame.

Example uses: SM-EWC1, SM-EWC2

FC Front Chainwheel

When Shimano use 'Front Chainwheel', they refer to a bike's crankset.

Example uses: FC-R9100-P, FC-RX810-2

FD Front Derailleur

FH Freehub

A bike wheel rear hub.

Example uses: FH-RM35, FH-MT510

GM Grommet

Rubber grommets are used to secure internally routed E-TUBE wires as they enter the bicycle frame.

Example uses: SM-GM01, SM-GM02, EW-GM300

GS Grand Sport (medium cage derailleur)

Shimano GS derailleurs are medium-cage derailleurs. They generally work with cassettes up to 32T-36T.

(GS can also refer to 'long' cage derailleurs. Shimano usually ,call them medium though, and that's what we'll go with here)

Example uses: RD-6870-GS, RD-R8050-GS

HG HyperGlide

Example uses: CS-HG800, CN-HG701

IL I-Spec Left

Example uses: SL-MT800-IL

IR I-Spec Right

Example uses: SL-M980-B-IR, SL-M780-B-IR

JC Junction

LG LinkGlide

Example uses: CS-LG400, CS-LG300

M Mountain Bike

Example uses: SW-M9050, RD-M9050-GS, FD-M9050

MA Mount Adapter

Example uses: SM-MA-R160D/D, SM-MA-F220P

MU Motor Unit

Example uses: MU-UR500, MU-S705

R Road

Example uses: RD-R8050-SS, ST-R9160

RD Rear Derailleur

RT Rotor

Example uses: RT-CL800, RM-MT800

SGS Super Grand Sport (long cage derailleur)

Shimano SGS derailleurs are long-cage derailleurs. They generally work with cassettes up to 40T-50T.

Example uses: RD-M9050-SGS

SM Shimano / Shimano Modular

SM is used when referring to generic small parts, also known as Shimano or Shimano Modular parts.

Example uses: SM-CD800, SM-CD50, SM-EW67-A-E, SM-AD91-MS, SM-AD91-L

SS Speed Sensor

Example uses: EW-SS300, EW-SS301

SS Super Sport (short cage derailleur)

Shimano SS derailleurs are short-cage derailleurs. They generally work with cassettes up to 28T-30T.

ST Shifter (dual control lever)

Example uses: ST-R8050, ST-6870, ST-R8060

SW Switch

TL Tubeless

Example uses: WH-RS500-TL-F

TL Tool

Example uses: TL-EW02, TL-BH62, TL-EW300

TU Tubular

Example uses: WH-R9270-C60-HR-TU-R

U Urban

Example uses: SL-U4000

WH Wheel

Example uses: WH-R9270-C60-HR-TU-R

WU Wireless Unit

Example uses: EW-WU111, EW-WU101